What Is PHP? – A Brief Introduction

PHP And its Full Form
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PHP Introduction

As we know very well PHP code needs a server to execute its script.
PHP is known as the popular general-purpose scripting language and PHP especially designed to develop dynamic websites, web applications, and web programming.
PHP was generally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Now PHP implementation is produced by the group of PHP

PHP And its Full Form
PHP And its Full Form, As PHP Stand for Personal Home Page as well

What do You need To Know Before the Study of PHP?

Before continuing you must be acknowledged about the following things

1- HTML basic understanding
2 -JavaScript understanding
3- CSS and its methods of work
4- You must know about programming rules

If you want to study PHP from beginning to end you must need the above things first because PHP is a very powerful scripting language that executes on server and PHP is a Web Programming language. We can make any Web Application using PHP.
PHP also is known as the Web programming language and it is one of the languages which was designed for web programming.

What is PHP – Some of the Major Things You Should Really Know about PHP?

1- PHP is short form of Hypertext Preprocessor
2- PHP recently become known as Personal Home Page Language
3- PHP widely use as the open-source scripting language
4- PHP is free to use you can download it from PHP.NET
5- PHP need a server to execute its script
6- PHP only one language which was created for Websites
7- PHP was launched in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf
8- PHP has many of its frameworks that are free to use
9- PHP has a power full CMS system, Known as WordPress

Amazing Things About of PHP

It is very good for beginner’s first language
It is enough to run the largest social network known as Facebook
It is enough to run the largest social network known as YouTube
We can embed HTML, CSS, JAVA in PHP
PHP can handle file and folders
We can use an MYSQL database with PHP
PHP has the largest community support online as well
The popular frameworks develop in PHP like WordPress, Laraval, PHPcake, etc
Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc nothing without PHP

What We Can Do Using PHP?

We can generate dynamic web sites using PHP
We can collect form data from the user using PHP
PHP can handle Cookies
We can create, open, write, read, close and delete files using PHP
We can modify Data from Database
We can handle user experience via PHP
We can encrypt data using PHP
We can create Security features Using PHP
We can embed any other Programming Language in PHP

Using PHP you are not in limitations to output HTML. PHP can output or handle any type of data such as PDF files, Flash Movies, HTML CSS Files as well.

Why We Need PHP?

On the various platforms like Windows, Unix, Mac, Linus, Mac OS, etc can run or install the PHP environment, PHP all ready with many server environments. It is free to use and download easily from PHP.NET

PHP latest release version PHP 7

PHP 7 is faster than old releases
PHP 7 is mostly Error-free to use
It is Stricter type declaration to function arguments
PHP also supports new operators

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